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2023 Results 

Glavan Ford of Clay Center - Market Beef Show 

  • Grand Champion - Lucas Leefers of Edgerton. MO 

  • Reserve Champion - Kutter Prinz of West Point, NE

  • 3rd Overall - Jami Hoblyn of York, NE

  • 4th Overall - Dax Seibert of Macksville, KS

Marty & Mary Vanier of Horizon Ranch - Breeding Heifer Show 

  • Grand Champion - Kennedy Lockhart of Fort Gibson, OK

  • Reserve Champion - Preston Hartman of Tecumseh, NE

  • 3rd Overall - McKenna Richardson of Eureka, KS 

  • 4th Overall - Colby Sinclair of Cloverdale, IN

PrairieLand Partners - Showmanship Competition 

  • Junior Grand Champion Showman - Madelyn Thompson of Amity, MO

  • Junior Reserve Champion Showman - Eli Atkinson of Stockton, KS

  • Intermediate Grand Champion Showman - Jody Mead of McPherson, KS

  • Intermediate Reserve Champion Showman - Ela Rogers of Burlington, CO

  • Senior Grand Champion Showman - Lizzie Schafer of Owaneco, IL

  • Senior Reserve Champion Showman - Kaden Camerlinck of Leonardville, KS

  • Premier Showman Award: Jody Mead of McPherson, KS 

Full Results

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