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The Grand Drive will take place in the heart of Aggieville Business district. The top six prospect market beef and breeding heifers will compete to be the Grand Champion of the Aggieville Showdown!

Celebrate with us by joining the fun at Moro Street with live music, fashion show, selection of champions, live press conference, and night out in the 'Ville after to celebrate the champions! ...Plus more!

Saturday, April 6, 2024

  • 6:00 PM: Aggieville Business Street Open to Public

  • 6:30 PM: Grand Drive in Aggieville Starts

  • 9:00 PM: Official After-Party & Concert at Yard Bar



Presented By Yard Bar

A rising star in the country music industry, Jake Jacobson is making is Kansas debut in Aggieville this year. With roots in Reno, Nevada and an upbringing in a Northern California ranching town of 2,000 people, Jacobson is the the neo-traditional “throwback kid”, spinning his own country gold. Listen into his debut EP from 2022, Lovin' or Leavin', or check out his latest album, Reno, with songs like "Tick Tonk", "Fall Asleep to the Rain", "Loved on Lately" and "First Call”. Join us at the Grand Drive in Aggieville Business District at 6:30PM and 9:30PM at the official after-party in Yard Bar to listen to Jake Jacobson live!


Presented by Yard Bar

After the conclusion of the Grand Drive event the party doesn't end! Join us at Yard Bar for the official after featuring a concert! Must be 21+ to enter Yard Bar.


Presented by Boot Hill Distillery

The Boot Hill Distillery Garden will offer Boot Hill Distillery’s favorite spirits and canned cocktails and an Aggieville Showdown signature drink. The Boot Hill Distillery family plants, grows and harvest every single grain that Distillery uses to craft world-class spirits. The spirits are truly “from soil to sip.”


Aggieville Vendors

Moro street in Aggieville Business & Bar District is filled with vendors offering a wide variety from snacks, clothing, to axe throwing, and more!


Live Interviews

The champions of each division will have a live interview after the big win at the Aggieville Showdown Grand Drive.


Cash Prizes

Exhibitors compete at Riley County Fairgrounds all-day on Saturday and the judges narrow it down to the top six of the Market Beef and Breeding Heifers to advance to the Grand Drive in Aggieville Business District where the exhibitors show their cattle and are awarded $7,500+ in cash prizes.


Presented by Vanderbilt's

The Aggieville Showdown Fashion Show presented by Vanderbilt's highlights retail stores and boutiques' clothing lines on a runway in the center of Aggieville an is open to the public during the Grand Drive event. Many businesses featured during the fashion show are in attendance and have vendor booth to purchase clothes the public sees on the run way.
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